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Located in Tokyo Japan, arry is a membership website under Reservel Co., Ltd., providing early-bird ticket reservations at selected premium restaurants.

arry aims to bridge the needs between restaurants and passionate gourmet travellers, providing our members with the access to the most exclusive restaurants in Japan while easing the restaurant's work in taking care of foriegn customers.

With arry, restaurant reservation is just a few clicks away without the need to go through hotel concierges or having troubles in making endless phone calls.

arry strives to to create a better Japan dining experience for everyone.

arry 是东京株式会社レザベル(Reservel Co., Ltd.) 旗下的会员制网页,专门提供日本至难预约的高级餐厅的“购票式预订”服务。

arry 致力于成为日本餐厅与外国美食家之间的桥梁,为会员提供预约服务的同时,成立线上的介绍制尊贵会所——Mado,为忠实会员提供体验最隐秘的餐厅的渠道。



arry's partners  |  合作伙伴

Den 【傳】 (**)


Florilege (**)


Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten 【数寄屋桥次郎 本店】 (***)

Sumibiyakiniku Nakahara 【炭火烧肉中原】

Sushi Hashimoto 【寿司 桥本】

Sushi Saito 【寿司 齐藤】 (***)

Sushi Sugita 【寿司杉田】 (**)

* Michelin Star (米其林评级)